A muse is a source of inspiration, and when you look around the room in any mysore class, every individual present is a source of inspiration. Mysore creates a transformation in all aspects of our lives, and you can't help but be inspired by every individual in the room.  


Melissa Perret    Director and teacher

 Melissa has been a yoga teacher since 2008, and a student of other modalities since 2004.  For her personally, nothing can compare to the strength, grace, and transformation she has received from the traditional practice of ashtanga method.  Melissa has been  following the ashtanga method diligently since the summer of 2012. After two trips to India, and training with David Robson, her teacher since 2013,  she has gained a great deal of insight into her practice.  Through her efforts, she hopes to share this insight and inspire her students to come to their mats everyday, move, breathe and see the beauty that lies within all of us.

Ricky Brennan: teacher and source of inspiration

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Ricky has been teaching yoga full time since 2005. He has enjoyed numerous hours of training and even more hours in additional workshops throughout North America.  Mark Darby, of Montreal, one of only three KPJAYI (SRI K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute) Certified Ashtanga teachers in Canada was one of Ricky’s first Ashtanga influences.  Ricky has put in countless hours of practice and uses the Ashtanga method as source for personal development and healing.  He continues to receive direction from both Jeff Litchy (Authorized Level 2) and Harmony Slater (Certified) in Calgary.