FUNDAMENTALS FOR MYSORE AND ASHTANGA ( can be applied to any yoga practice)

Have you ever been curious about Vinyassa? Proper breathing? What the heck a bandha is? Scared to enter a Mysore room? This is the week for you then! Melissa, who has been teaching for 12 years, practicing Ashtanga daily for 6, is pleased to offer this week long intensive to help you understand all this information. Each day will pick a new element to help you enhance your practice, whether you practice Ashtanga or not, or are simply curious, this is not a week to miss.

Times 6-8 am Monday to Friday July15-19 Why so early? Because...get up and do it

July 15: Learn to Breathe Properly

  Sounds absurd, but is the most important element of any practice. Will learn to breathe with sound and how to implement it into your practice. Focus today is breathing in Surya Namaskars.  Discussion on philosophy  and history of Ashtanga Yoga

July 16: Functional Movements and Bandha

We will spend today learning on proper shoulder rotations in different poses. Learn how keeping the ribs in keeps our bandhas active.Will move through standing sequence of the Ashtanga practice

July 17:  Those darned Seated Vinyassas!

We will move through the full standing sequence today and then hit the floor and learn the technique of how to work on seated jump throughs. This will be a fun strength day!

July 18: Hips and knee safety

We will practice half primary today and discuss proper hip rotation and movement so we keep sensations in our hips, not the knees. Will work on some helpful hip opening postures for padmasana and how to modify if aren't ready.

July 19: Full Primary practice followed by Rad Rolling!!!

Implement all you have learned this week and experience a full primary series practice. After rest, we will get graced with our dear friend, Lori Ellaschuk who will guide us through 1 hour of rolling. What a dream!

Cost $150 

Drop ins $35